Best Amazon Price Tracker

Due to the sheer magnitude of Amazon, it’s very difficult to keep up with rapid fluctuations in prices of items. Monitoring prices help you get the best deals & save more money. The most alluring feature of pricing trackers is that they work round the clock, notifying you of changes all year round. Days of buying items at high prices are over thanks to this roundup of the best Amazon price trackers.

amazon price watch

List of the Best Amazon Price Trackers


CamelCamelCamel may see like a spoofy name and game, but this platform is one of the most renowned tracking solutions. It tailgates products in millions & aptly sends you notifications as per your settings.

CamelCamelCamel serves you a pricing history of the last month. Visit the item page to tap the Camel button from the tool pane. A prompt would appear asking you to sign-in to your account. Afterwards, you can look-up the item via search bar by entering Amazon url. The user can see a chart coming up to display the price range by the left-hand side & the timeline at the underside. Of course, you can adjust CamelCamelCamel to your personal quirks.


Keepa is described as an “advanced Amazon price tracker” with a stylish, luxuriant interface. The platform has access to a deep data-bank of listings. It also displays pricing timeline plots to depict changes in the cost of a product for example book. Books is a huge niche on Amazon. Here is an IO Scout guide about selling used books on Amazon, how to sell books on Amazon and make money. Book was the first product that sold on Amazon The price fall & availability feature creates a gamechanging layer of hitch-free shopping or price analysis. Keepa app’s operability is maximized for Chrome & Firefox.

Amazon price tracker from Digital Inspiration

Take a bite out of prices with this price monitor from Digital Inspiration. It allows you to be informed of price alterations. As of January 2020, it ceased to be free & attracted a professional user fee of $29 per-annum. Even at that, it’s still the most affordable monitoring assistants around.


Honey is one of the few price watchers that give all-round coverage. It captures 4500 websites all free. Using Honey increases the chances of winning Gold, which you can redeem for some cash backs. You can install this must-have price watcher as it’s available on all browsers.

Waatcher is one of the best programs when as it pertains to taking advantage the best deals on Amazon. It not only sends you real time pricing alerts, it allows you to places orders through it.

Notify Price

True to its name, Notify Price informs the user when their most preferred merchandise experiences a price drop. And according to your filtered settings, it alerts you accurately where a product is & suggests where it should be.

Price Watch

Price Watch has an inventory of a large number of online merchants to give you a remarkable price analysis experience. It tracks the pricing journey of both Amazon & Walmart, going one up to notify you via email. Simply enter the item link & your email address to receive notifications. Price watch is available on Android OS and Windows OS. It hasn’t been adapted for iOS.

Final note

Price trackers are simple yet effective tools to take your aggressive marketing strategies into high octane. They have access to thousands of sites across multiple platforms to ensure you never miss a price fall or product discount. A price monitor might be just be the missing link in your mercantilist strategy.


What exactly are Amazon price watchers?

Price trackers allow you to monitor the price of Amazon items. They are usually available as browser extensions that work round the clock to get you the very best shopping deals.

Can you look up Amazon price history?

Most price trackers shows a very comprehensible depiction of time against price in relatable charts

Is Amazon capable of alerting you when costs fall?

Yes, you get instantaneous price falls & best deals whenever your conditions or expectations are met. The trackers are synchronized with thousands of products so you really get the best of the best.

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Jungle Scout Review: An In-Depth Look

The convenience and accessibility of online shopping have made the industry of eCommerce boom in recent years. However, as an entrepreneur, this industry can be very competitive, especially on a platform as large and as popular as Amazon. Without specialized software, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of your competitors and see which products are the most profitable.

Thankfully, with software such as IO Scout – good alternative to Jungle Scout, being an online entrepreneur in this competitive field has been made easier. Here’s an in-depth look at this innovative software that will help you better understand what it has to offer and what signing up for this service entails.

jungle scout extension

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research software solution that helps you to manage your Amazon business by allowing you to check out the information that can help improve your business strategy.

This includes allowing you to see what products are popular, what are the most used keywords, how much are the estimated sales for each product, and many more. The best part about it is that you can see everything conveniently on your dashboard.

Through this tool, you can see what products can generate the most profit and how you can use that information to further develop your business.


Jungle Scout offers two different payment schemes – monthly or annually. Paying annually entitles you to a 50% discount on the three different kinds of plans they offer which is something that can be helpful if you want to save on costs.

Under the two payment schemes, you have the option to choose your plan: Jungle Scout, Jungle Scout & Extension, or Extension plan.

Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout-only plan can be paid $49 monthly or if you chose the annual payment, $468 annually. This plan entitles you to all the features – minus the Google Chrome extension – of the Jungle Scout software such as the Jungle Scout product tracker, supplier database, and keyword scout.

Jungle Scout & Extension

On the other hand, the Jungle Scout & Extension plan can be availed at $69 per month or $588 yearly. It’s their most popular plan as it gives users access to the Jungle Scout software as well as the Google Chrome web extension.


This plan gives you access to the Jungle Scout extension and limited access to some of the main software features such as the product tracker, supplier database, and keyword scout. It can be availed at a monthly payment of $39 or annually at $228.

Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Web App Features

By incorporating several helpful features that allow you to analyze the trends and other useful information (such as how well your competitors are faring), you can come up with better strategies that will increase profitability and ensure the success of your business.

Review of Jungle Scout Features

Check out some of the Jungle Scout features that can help you improve your business.

Jungle Scout Product Database

The sheer amount of products on Amazon can be overwhelming but with this helpful tool, you can easily sort and explore the products that are relevant to your search. This helps narrow things down and break it down to small and digestible pieces of information.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

This particular tool can help you gauge whether or not a product is profitable or has the potential to be so by allowing you to view its entire sales history. Get IO Scout product research tool to find best selling products on Amazon.
It gives you information like the average price, sales, average ratings, etc.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Keywords are vital to any successful online business, especially on Amazon. The Keyword Scout features allow you to optimize your strategy by showing you which keywords are actually used by real shoppers.

Other features include:

·        Supplier Database

·        Opportunity Finder

·        Inventory Manager

·        Sales Analytics

·        Alerts

·        Launch

jungle scout web app

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a convenient feature that can be integrated with your browser to help analyze and verify the feasibility of your ideas in real-time. When combined with the Jungle Scout web app, you will have a powerful tool in your hands that can further the growth of your business.

Review of Chrome Extension Features

As an extension of the web app, the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is best used in tandem with it as it’s meant to complement the software. It allows you to quickly add the products you find for easy tracking, view the basic information about each one such as pricing and estimated sales, Amazon FBA calculator, look for keywords, etc.

Some of the features of the Chrome extension are:

·        Category

·        Price

·        Rank

·        Monthly and Daily Sales

·        Number of Reviews

·        And many more

Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

The primary difference between the web app and extension is that the extension is simply that: an extension . It’s meant to supplement the main software of the web app by giving users a quick glance at a product’s key information.

The web app, on the other hand, is a program that has more features that are comprehensive and complex. It features everything you need to boost your business strategy while the extension just supports it.

Final Thoughts

Jungle Scout is a helpful tool but IO Scout amazon seller tools really better for those running their business on Amazon due to its many useful features such as the keyword scout and product tracker. It can help business owners analyze what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to adjust and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

Through this software, business owners can have a more competitive edge and help ensure the success of their business.


What You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

amazon brand registry benefits

There is a rule that is true for almost any marketplace, whether it is Amazon, eBay or Spotify. And that is: the longer you sell your product, the greater the chance that someone will copy it. This was happening a lot on Amazon that people were constantly complaining (some even sued Amazon) – Amazon wasn’t protecting their brand. That is when the eCommerce giant decided to introduce Amazon Brand Registry .

Defining Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a way for people with registered trademarks to have more control of their brand on Amazon. This program is free to join and allows sellers to identify counterfeiters and report them much easier and determine how they want their brand to be represented on Amazon. Before Brand Registry Amazon, doing this required a lot of effort, time and money. But now, registered brands are taking back control with the help of Amazon.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry?

While the Amazon Brand Registry cost is free, not every seller, manufacturer or distributor can join the program without meeting certain Amazon Brand Registry requirements. It is a process where one has to prove that the product they are selling, manufacturing or distributing is a registered trademark that they own or have permission by the brand owner to sell, manufacture or distribute it. As you can tell, this a process that requires a lot of documentation, but the payoff is worth it.

How Do I Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry?

Signing up for Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 is a three-step process. First, you need to check if you are eligible. Secondly, you have to register for the Brand Registry Amazon. Finally, you have to enroll your brand.

Pros of Amazon Brand Registry

By becoming a member of the Amazon Brand Registry program, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • More Control of Brand Representation : You get to decide how your brand is represented on Amazon. As long as there is a product listing with your brand on it, it will have to abide by your rules. This will make sure that every information that is contained within the product listing is accurate.
  • Stop Hijackers in their Tracks : With the advanced search features that the program provides brand owners, they can easily identify counterfeiters. Then, through Brand Registry on Amazon, the brand owners can use the reporting tools to report the offender to Amazon, who will then investigate and protect their brand if the claims check out.
  • Can Decide Who Can Sell Your Products : Brand Registry is not just about brand representation and stopping hijackers, you can also decide who can list your product. If you don’t want someone to list your product, you have the permission to deny them that privilege. This is helpful if you, as the brand owner, want to corner the market.
  • Can Reinforce Brand Identity : Since customers will be seeing consistent messaging across all product pages, your brand’s identity will be reinforced. This ensures brand stickiness and loyalty, which can translate to more sales.

Cons of Amazon Brand Registry

Brand Registry Amazon does come with its own set of drawbacks that you need to be aware of before you become a member. Here are the biggest ones.

  • Too Many Hoops to Jump Through : As already mentioned, registering for the program needs a lot of documents to be provided. It is not just a matter of providing the trademark registration number. Amazon wants to be thorough. So to prove that you are a brand owner, you will have to jump through a lot of hoops, from making sure that your company has a website and packaging with a clearly visible company name and logo to providing identification information for the product (model number, catalog number, etc)
  • Amazon Can Shifts its Policies : Another thing is that Amazon can radically change their policies that it can require that all brand owners register again. This has happened before, and it means you’ll have to go through the hoops all over again.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Brand Registry is the best way for brand owners to protect their brand on Amazon. While the process of joining is long and tiresome, one cannot deny the benefits of having more control over their brand. Ultimately, through Amazon Brand Registry, brand owners stand to make more profits.


The Best Amazon Keyword Tools

Doing business online on sites like Amazon has proven to be very competitive. There is no way you can upload the pictures and descriptions of your products and expect that you will start to sell immediately. The online platform requires a vendor to do more research and act according to the findings to reach possible buyers.

To attract more buyers on your page and increase sales, you have to recognize what your potential customers need or want correctly. Of course, the task can be a bit challenging, but Amazon has ensured it has all the tools with features that assist sellers in knowing what most shoppers are searching for, and the most marketable products. With the use of the Amazon keyword tool, you can formulate different promotion and marketing strategies using the real data, henceforth making the right decision that will attract many buyers for your product.

Which Amazon Keyword Tools to Use?

Here we are going to analyze some of the current keyword research tools that, as a seller, you can use to learn more and gain an understanding of the activities that are trending on Amazon. 

  • MerchantWords

MerchantWords is rated among the best tools that sellers can use when they want to increase the number of buyers who visits their Amazon product page. The tool database has approximately more than 180 million keywords. Any seller on Amazon can use the tool to make keywords catchphrases that they can use to attract buyers to their Amazon page. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.Either new or expert vendors can use the tool to find valuable keywords that will attract shoppers to their product page hence increasing their sales.

  • AmzSuite

The tool is made up of different features that a vendor can use to know the products that sell more, to check the information regarding the best sellers and the new hot products that have been released on Amazon. Moreover, the tool is ranked among the best because it has more than 67,000 categories for sellers in the UK and US, meaning that the sellers can easily get updated with the things trending on Amazon. Professional SEO users and big businesses can use the tool to its full potential and increase their sales within a short period by finding the best keywords to market their products.

amazon keyword ranking

  • KeywordInspector

A vendor can use this tool regularly to check the fresh keywords that are trending. With different features, the Amazon Search tool has proven that it has been programmed in a way that it reaches many buyers within a short stint. To use keywordInspector services, you will have to purchase or subscribe for the tool that you require for your business.

  • Kparser

If you want quality services at a proficient level, Kparser is the research tool for Amazon to use. Most sellers prefer Kparser than other tools because it uses advanced filters, which ensures that users get quality keywords. Secondly, the tool has features that ensure it quickly enables the sellers to explore and collect the results in a few seconds. Although the tool is not that powerful and advanced when compared to other tools like Helium 10 and AmaSuite.

  • Helium 10

Any prosperous seller who used Helium 10 to know what people are searching for on amazon can tell you how beneficial the tool was for them to be successful business people. Even at the present moment, the tool is still considered among the best keyword tools on the platform. When you insert the keyword you are interested in searching, the tool will offer you more advanced information about that specific keyword. Moreover, it will provide you with a listing containing keywords that you can use to market your product.

amazon keyword tool

  • Scientific Seller

Any seller can use this online tool because it is free and has features that make it easy to use. Although the tool can be slower compared to others, its main focus is to find you with quality and relevant data. Sometimes you can search for keywords for a long time using the tool, but in the end, it will offer you something that you can use to increase your sales. It requires sellers who have patience. 

Final thoughts

On the current globe, doing business online has attracted millions of sellers and buyers. Any creative person with good strategies can easily have an online business on sites like Amazon and make a good profit. You can use any of the Amazon keyword tools that this article has presented. The tools will offer you data that you can positively use on your business approach to increase your product sales.







The Definitive Keepa Review

The Definitive Keepa Strategy Review

Keepa stands as one of the most reliable price watchers and monitoring protocols for Amazon. It essentially shows you the price timeline for an item and embeds its functionality on your web browser. So, if you are wondering how to make use of Keepa and get the best results out of it. Then let’s jump right in.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Explorer extension that aids you when tracking the timeline of all Amazon’s item price and revenue ranking at a glance. Simply search for the item that you are planning to sell, & Keepa will show a graphical representation of the Item’s selling price and volume over time. Consider an item that sells superbly during the holidays. This entry may be unavailable at certain periods of the year. And this information tells you when to order increase your inventory, allowing you to manage your funds and forecast the market better. So, even if you have very little experience on Amazon, it’s easier to position yourself for success with Keepa.


Keepa Pricing

Keepa was absolutely free of charge. Now, it goes for $15 per month from 2019.

Keepa Features

There are three total features to capture pricing info across several Amazon marketplaces including the US, Canada, Mexico,France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, UK, India, Australia, Japan as well as China. Here are some of the Keepa app’s most vital features.


To start applying the Keepa chrome add-on, search items by class, deal-type, price point & discount ranges, and price-drop time frequency. Each product on Amazon has its price history plot and its tracking notifications options in real time.


This resource helps you to get your tracked items’ review, your wish-lists and new notifications.


This section has the greatest and functional Keepa tools:

Product locator – this enables you to search the program’s database and identify the item to include it your watch list

Category tree – browse Amazon’s products by category

Keepa API – this serves as the monthly payment tab. The API allows you to get live pricing and variability, sales ranking, Buy Box info, & review-count timeline.

Final thoughts

It’s clear now that Keepa Amazon is your go-to companion when hunting novel market-spaces for your customers & unlocking new business avenues. All that is needed is some time properly align with all the raging data options available and blend them into your business schemes.


How do I utilize Keepa extensions in Chrome?

Search for the merch you are planning to sell. Keepa then shows you a graph of the item’s selling price against volume over time. Apply Keepa’s Chrome extension when:

Determining sales ranking – do this by hovering over the plot at that locus to obtain the info for that particular day, and over select months, or years.

Price timeline & stability –in Keepa, blue line depicts the instantaneous price point vended by third-party seller without making a shipment. The orange line depicts Amazon’s new price point as a vendor. These lines and shadings represent the pricing on a variation when selected. Most sellers actually concentrate on average price point variation over time & how these variations due to Amazon being inconsistent with their stockpile. The volume of vendors and offerings greatly affect the stability of pricing over time.

How Do I Install Keepa?

On Keepa’s site create a profile. The moment you register, you’ll be asked to validate your mail and switch the subscription tab on, clicking subscriptions in account drop-down menu at the top right-hand-side. Input your payment details to finish subscribing.

Now that the account creation for Keepa’s site is complete, head down to Google Chrome store & download the Keepa add-in.

Does Keepa have an app?

Keepa chrome add-in is available an app for android devices and as plugins in other web browser extensions.

How do I cancel Keepa?

Simply go to your account settings tab and follow the steps to unsubscribe.

Meta description: Do you wish to enjoy the best out of Keepa app & maximize profits for your Amazon venture? Read this Keepa Review to heighten your chances of getting quality products on Amazon.


Amazon FBA Guide: The Best Resource for Growing an Amazon Online Business

As the largest eCommerce site, Amazon gives you access to over 2.5 billion buyers every month. It is also the most trusted online business platform by shoppers with 24+ years in the market. Useful articles and tips for Amazon sellers at Data Guide review site.
As such, selling on Amazon gives your website a better shot at success than on any other site.

Marketing your products worldwide is a good but risky idea. There are many things you need to consider before you start a global business. If not handled well, logistics such as delivery and storage can pose a major challenge to your business.

To address these challenges, Amazon created the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program to help sellers. In this guide, we show how Amazon FBA can help you succeed in your online business even if you have no experience.

Why Use the Amazon FBA Program?

Amazon is the first place buyers go when they need to buy something. Statistics show that the site is frequented by more than 1 billion buyers every month. This high traffic makes the site an attractive marketplace for online sellers.

But Amazon is also a highly competitive and crowded online space. As such, sellers must provide quality services to their customers to remain afloat. This means:

  • Offering quality products
  • Ensuring timely delivery of items to customers
  • Providing proper packaging
  • Pricing items favorably

Meeting these parameters can be strenuous for many online sellers. This is why Amazon designed the FBA program. Online sellers who sign up for this program are able to sell items on Amazon with ease. This is because the program takes care of key business processes on behalf of Amazon FBA sellers. 

Some aspects that this program takes care of at a small fee include storage, packaging and shipping of products. Sellers can use the FBA calculator to check how much it will cost them to sell products via Amazon FBA.

How Does Amazon FBA Work ?

Starting an Amazon FBA business is a pretty straightforward process. The first thing that a seller should do is to create an account and join the Amazon FBA Program. Registered sellers have access to the following Amazon FBA business services:

  • Product storage services
  • Product packing services
  • Order shipping services
  • Customer support services
  • Product Return services

How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA  

Selling items through the Amazon FBA program is a process that involves different steps. These steps are taken by both the seller and Amazon. Here’s what the process entails:

  • Create a Seller’s account – to join the Amazon FBA program, one must have a seller account.
  • Prepare a list of items that you want to sell on Amazon
  • Send the items to Amazon warehouses for storage. Amazon employees sort and record each item upon arrival for easy retrieval
  • Customers order your items and Amazon handles the financial process on behalf of the seller
  • Amazon packs and ships items to the customer.
  • Amazon handles customer service – confirming delivery and everything else
  • Amazon reconciles sales for sellers and transfers earnings to their bank accounts every two weeks

Responsibilities of FBA Sellers

Though the steps in the Amazon FBA program may appear easy with Amazon doing most of the work, sellers have a key role to play in the selling process. Below are responsibilities that FBA are expected to undertake:

Identifying Items to Sell on Amazon

While Amazon caters for storage and delivery, it is the responsibility of the seller to determine what to sell on Amazon FBA . When choosing items to sell on Amazon, opt for fast-moving products to avoid extra charges on storage. Also, consider the demand, competition and choosing a product.

This means conducting comprehensive research on different items before settling down on the products. There are various product research tools that help sellers find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA .

Maintaining Product Inventory 

Amazon will inform you when there is a drop in inventory levels. However, it is the responsibility of sellers to ensure that their stocks do not run out.

Promoting Products

Sellers have the responsibility of ensuring that their items are visible on Amazon’s listing. Once this is done, sellers should promote their items on different platforms to drive traffic.

The Cost of Running an Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA charges depend on the services that Amazon offers sellers. Calculate fees with fulfillment by Amazon calculator; Some of the costs that FBA sellers can expect to incur include:

Fulfillment Fee

This is the fee that a seller has to pay for all services that Amazon renders. Fulfillment fees range from picking orders, packing and shipping to customer service and managing product returns. Fulfillment fees are based on item size and weight and are charged for each unit sold.

Inventory Storage Fee

This fee is charged on a monthly basis and is charged per cubic foot that a product occupies. Storage charges vary throughout the year based on the seasons.

Seller’s Account Fee

This is the cost of keeping an Amazon account active. There are two types of Amazon seller accounts – the individual plan which is free and the professional plan that costs $39.99 per month.

Referral Fee

Amazon charges a 15% referral fee on items that are sold via affiliate marketing.


FBA selling works well for most individual sellers because of the convenience it accords them. The biggest challenge of using Amazon FBA however is the fees. To keep abreast of the charges, it is important that sellers use the FBA calculator to get a sense of the total fees before launching a product.  A common mistake that most people make is underestimating the impact of FBA fees on their profits. Make an effort of calculating FBA fees and profits before launching an Amazon business.