Insights on the Best Amazon Price Tracker

Due to the sheer magnitude of Amazon, it’s very difficult to keep up with rapid fluctuations in prices of items. Monitoring prices help you get the best deals & save more money. The most alluring feature of pricing trackers is that they work round the clock, notifying you of changes all year round. Days of buying items at high prices are over thanks to this roundup of the best Amazon price trackers.

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List of the Best Amazon Price Trackers


CamelCamelCamel may see like a spoofy name and game, but this platform is one of the most renowned tracking solutions. It tailgates products in millions & aptly sends you notifications as per your settings.

CamelCamelCamel serves you a pricing history of the last month. Visit the item page to tap the Camel button from the tool pane. A prompt would appear asking you to sign-in to your account. Afterwards, you can look-up the item via search bar by entering Amazon url. The user can see a chart coming up to display the price range by the left-hand side & the timeline at the underside. Of course, you can adjust CamelCamelCamel to your personal quirks.


Keepa is described as an “advanced Amazon price tracker” with a stylish, luxuriant interface. The platform has access to a deep data-bank of listings. It also displays pricing timeline plots to depict changes in the cost of a product. The price fall & availability feature creates a gamechanging layer of hitch-free shopping or price analysis. Keepa app’s operability is maximized for Chrome & Firefox.

Amazon price tracker from Digital Inspiration

Take a bite out of prices with this price monitor from Digital Inspiration. It allows you to be informed of price alterations. As of January 2020, it ceased to be free & attracted a professional user fee of $29 per-annum. Even at that, it’s still the most affordable monitoring assistants around.


Honey is one of the few price watchers that give all-round coverage. It captures 4500 websites all free. Using Honey increases the chances of winning Gold, which you can redeem for some cash backs. You can install this must-have price watcher as it’s available on all browsers.          

Waatcher is one of the best programs when as it pertains to taking advantage the best deals on Amazon. It not only sends you real time pricing alerts, it allows you to places orders through it.

Notify Price

True to its name, Notify Price informs the user when their most preferred merchandise experiences a price drop. And according to your filtered settings, it alerts you accurately where a product is & suggests where it should be.

Price Watch

Price Watch has an inventory of a large number of online merchants to give you a remarkable price analysis experience. It tracks the pricing journey of both Amazon & Walmart, going one up to notify you via email. Simply enter the item link & your email address to receive notifications. Price watch is available on Android OS and Windows OS. It hasn’t been adapted for iOS.

Final note

Price trackers are simple yet effective tools to take your aggressive marketing strategies into high octane. They have access to thousands of sites across multiple platforms to ensure you never miss a price fall or product discount. A price monitor might be just be the missing link in your mercantilist strategy.


What exactly are Amazon price watchers?

Price trackers allow you to monitor the price of Amazon items. They are usually available as browser extensions that work round the clock to get you the very best shopping deals.

Can you look up Amazon price history?

Most price trackers shows a very comprehensible depiction of time against price in relatable charts

Is Amazon capable of alerting you when costs fall?

Yes, you get instantaneous price falls & best deals whenever your conditions or expectations are met. The trackers are synchronized with thousands of products so you really get the best of the best.

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