Jungle Scout Review: An In-Depth Look

The convenience and accessibility of online shopping have made the industry of eCommerce boom in recent years. However, as an entrepreneur, this industry can be very competitive, especially on a platform as large and as popular as Amazon. Without specialized software, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of your competitors and see which products are the most profitable.

Thankfully, with software such as Jungle Scout, being an online entrepreneur in this competitive field has been made easier. Here’s an in-depth look at this innovative software that will help you better understand what it has to offer and what signing up for this service entails.

 jungle scout extension

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research software solution that helps you to manage your Amazon business by allowing you to check out the information that can help improve your business strategy.

This includes allowing you to see what products are popular, what are the most used keywords, how much are the estimated sales for each product, and many more. The best part about it is that you can see everything conveniently on your dashboard.

Through this tool, you can see what products can generate the most profit and how you can use that information to further develop your business.



Jungle Scout offers two different payment schemes – monthly or annually. Paying annually entitles you to a 50% discount on the three different kinds of plans they offer which is something that can be helpful if you want to save on costs.

Under the two payment schemes, you have the option to choose your plan: Jungle Scout, Jungle Scout & Extension, or Extension plan.

Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout-only plan can be paid $49 monthly or if you chose the annual payment, $468 annually. This plan entitles you to all the features – minus the Google Chrome extension – of the Jungle Scout software such as the Jungle Scout product tracker, supplier database, and keyword scout.

Jungle Scout & Extension

On the other hand, the Jungle Scout & Extension plan can be availed at $69 per month or $588 yearly. It’s their most popular plan as it gives users access to the Jungle Scout software as well as the Google Chrome web extension.


This plan gives you access to the Jungle Scout extension and limited access to some of the main software features such as the product tracker, supplier database, and keyword scout. It can be availed at a monthly payment of $39 or annually at $228.

 Jungle Scout Academy

Jungle Scout Web App Features

By incorporating several helpful features that allow you to analyze the trends and other useful information (such as how well your competitors are faring), you can come up with better strategies that will increase profitability and ensure the success of your business.

Review of Jungle Scout Features

Check out some of the Jungle Scout features that can help you improve your business.

Jungle Scout Product Database

The sheer amount of products on Amazon can be overwhelming but with this helpful tool, you can easily sort and explore the products that are relevant to your search. This helps narrow things down and break it down to small and digestible pieces of information.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

This particular tool can help you gauge whether or not a product is profitable or has the potential to be so by allowing you to view its entire sales history. Get IO Scout product research tool to find best selling products on Amazon.
It gives you information like the average price, sales, average ratings, etc.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Keywords are vital to any successful online business, especially on Amazon. The Keyword Scout features allow you to optimize your strategy by showing you which keywords are actually used by real shoppers.

Other features include:

·        Supplier Database

·        Opportunity Finder

·        Inventory Manager

·        Sales Analytics

·        Alerts

·        Launch

jungle scout web app

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is a convenient feature that can be integrated with your browser to help analyze and verify the feasibility of your ideas in real-time. When combined with the Jungle Scout web app, you will have a powerful tool in your hands that can further the growth of your business.

Review of Chrome Extension Features

As an extension of the web app, the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is best used in tandem with it as it’s meant to complement the software. It allows you to quickly add the products you find for easy tracking, view the basic information about each one such as pricing and estimated sales, look for keywords, etc.

Some of the features of the Chrome extension are:

·        Category

·        Price

·        Rank

·        Monthly and Daily Sales

·        Number of Reviews

·        And many more

Jungle Scout Web App Vs Chrome Extension

The primary difference between the web app and extension is that the extension is simply that: an extension . It’s meant to supplement the main software of the web app by giving users a quick glance at a product’s key information.

The web app, on the other hand, is a program that has more features that are comprehensive and complex. It features everything you need to boost your business strategy while the extension just supports it.


Final Thoughts

Jungle Scout is a helpful tool for those running their business on Amazon due to its many useful features such as the keyword scout and product tracker. It can help business owners analyze what works and what doesn’t, allowing them to adjust and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly.

Through this software, business owners can have a more competitive edge and help ensure the success of their business.