The Best Amazon Keyword Tools

Doing business online on sites like Amazon has proven to be very competitive. There is no way you can upload the pictures and descriptions of your products and expect that you will start to sell immediately. The online platform requires a vendor to do more research and act according to the findings to reach possible buyers.

To attract more buyers on your page and increase sales, you have to recognize what your potential customers need or want correctly. Of course, the task can be a bit challenging, but Amazon has ensured it has all the tools with features that assist sellers in knowing what most shoppers are searching for, and the most marketable products. With the use of the Amazon keyword tool, you can formulate different promotion and marketing strategies using the real data, henceforth making the right decision that will attract many buyers for your product.

Which Amazon Keyword Tools to Use?

Here we are going to analyze some of the current keyword research tools that, as a seller, you can use to learn more and gain an understanding of the activities that are trending on Amazon. 

  • MerchantWords

MerchantWords is rated among the best tools that sellers can use when they want to increase the number of buyers who visits their Amazon product page. The tool database has approximately more than 180 million keywords. Any seller on Amazon can use the tool to make keywords catchphrases that they can use to attract buyers to their Amazon page. DataGuide prepared an Amazon CamelCamelCamel review to learn about Amazon tools more.Either new or expert vendors can use the tool to find valuable keywords that will attract shoppers to their product page hence increasing their sales.

  • AmzSuite

The tool is made up of different features that a vendor can use to know the products that sell more, to check the information regarding the best sellers and the new hot products that have been released on Amazon. Moreover, the tool is ranked among the best because it has more than 67,000 categories for sellers in the UK and US, meaning that the sellers can easily get updated with the things trending on Amazon. Professional SEO users and big businesses can use the tool to its full potential and increase their sales within a short period by finding the best keywords to market their products.

amazon keyword ranking

  • KeywordInspector

A vendor can use this tool regularly to check the fresh keywords that are trending. With different features, the Amazon Search tool has proven that it has been programmed in a way that it reaches many buyers within a short stint. To use keywordInspector services, you will have to purchase or subscribe for the tool that you require for your business.

  • Kparser

If you want quality services at a proficient level, Kparser is the research tool for Amazon to use. Most sellers prefer Kparser than other tools because it uses advanced filters, which ensures that users get quality keywords. Secondly, the tool has features that ensure it quickly enables the sellers to explore and collect the results in a few seconds. Although the tool is not that powerful and advanced when compared to other tools like Helium 10 and AmaSuite.

  • Helium 10

Any prosperous seller who used Helium 10 to know what people are searching for on amazon can tell you how beneficial the tool was for them to be successful business people. Even at the present moment, the tool is still considered among the best keyword tools on the platform. When you insert the keyword you are interested in searching, the tool will offer you more advanced information about that specific keyword. Moreover, it will provide you with a listing containing keywords that you can use to market your product.

amazon keyword tool

  • Scientific Seller

Any seller can use this online tool because it is free and has features that make it easy to use. Although the tool can be slower compared to others, its main focus is to find you with quality and relevant data. Sometimes you can search for keywords for a long time using the tool, but in the end, it will offer you something that you can use to increase your sales. It requires sellers who have patience. 

Final thoughts

On the current globe, doing business online has attracted millions of sellers and buyers. Any creative person with good strategies can easily have an online business on sites like Amazon and make a good profit. You can use any of the Amazon keyword tools that this article has presented. The tools will offer you data that you can positively use on your business approach to increase your product sales.