The Definitive Keepa Review

The Definitive Keepa Strategy Review

Keepa stands as one of the most reliable price watchers and monitoring protocols for Amazon. It essentially shows you the price timeline for an item and embeds its functionality on your web browser. So, if you are wondering how to make use of Keepa and get the best results out of it. Then let’s jump right in.

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Explorer extension that aids you when tracking the timeline of all Amazon’s item price and revenue ranking at a glance. Simply search for the item that you are planning to sell, & Keepa will show a graphical representation of the Item’s selling price and volume over time. Consider an item that sells superbly during the holidays. This entry may be unavailable at certain periods of the year. And this information tells you when to order increase your inventory, allowing you to manage your funds and forecast the market better. So, even if you have very little experience on Amazon, it’s easier to position yourself for success with Keepa.


Keepa Pricing

Keepa was absolutely free of charge. Now, it goes for $15 per month from 2019.

Keepa Features

There are three total features to capture pricing info across several Amazon marketplaces including the US, Canada, Mexico,France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, UK, India, Australia, Japan as well as China. Here are some of the Keepa app’s most vital features.


To start applying the Keepa chrome add-on, search items by class, deal-type, price point & discount ranges, and price-drop time frequency. Each product on Amazon has its price history plot and its tracking notifications options in real time.


This resource helps you to get your tracked items’ review, your wish-lists and new notifications.


This section has the greatest and functional Keepa tools:

Product locator – this enables you to search the program’s database and identify the item to include it your watch list

Category tree – browse Amazon’s products by category

Keepa API – this serves as the monthly payment tab. The API allows you to get live pricing and variability, sales ranking, Buy Box info, & review-count timeline.

Final thoughts

It’s clear now that Keepa Amazon is your go-to companion when hunting novel market-spaces for your customers & unlocking new business avenues. All that is needed is some time properly align with all the raging data options available and blend them into your business schemes.


How do I utilize Keepa extensions in Chrome?

Search for the merch you are planning to sell. Keepa then shows you a graph of the item’s selling price against volume over time. Apply Keepa’s Chrome extension when:

Determining sales ranking – do this by hovering over the plot at that locus to obtain the info for that particular day, and over select months, or years.

Price timeline & stability –in Keepa, blue line depicts the instantaneous price point vended by third-party seller without making a shipment. The orange line depicts Amazon’s new price point as a vendor. These lines and shadings represent the pricing on a variation when selected. Most sellers actually concentrate on average price point variation over time & how these variations due to Amazon being inconsistent with their stockpile. The volume of vendors and offerings greatly affect the stability of pricing over time.

How Do I Install Keepa?

On Keepa’s site create a profile. The moment you register, you’ll be asked to validate your mail and switch the subscription tab on, clicking subscriptions in account drop-down menu at the top right-hand-side. Input your payment details to finish subscribing.

Now that the account creation for Keepa’s site is complete, head down to Google Chrome store & download the Keepa add-in.

Does Keepa have an app?

Keepa chrome add-in is available an app for android devices and as plugins in other web browser extensions.

How do I cancel Keepa?

Simply go to your account settings tab and follow the steps to unsubscribe.

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