What You Need to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

amazon brand registry benefits

There is a rule that is true for almost any marketplace, whether it is Amazon, eBay or Spotify. And that is: the longer you sell your product, the greater the chance that someone will copy it. This was happening a lot on Amazon that people were constantly complaining (some even sued Amazon) – Amazon wasn’t protecting their brand. That is when the eCommerce giant decided to introduce Amazon Brand Registry .

Defining Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a way for people with registered trademarks to have more control of their brand on Amazon. This program is free to join and allows sellers to identify counterfeiters and report them much easier and determine how they want their brand to be represented on Amazon. Before Brand Registry Amazon, doing this required a lot of effort, time and money. But now, registered brands are taking back control with the help of Amazon.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry?

While the Amazon Brand Registry cost is free, not every seller, manufacturer or distributor can join the program without meeting certain Amazon Brand Registry requirements. It is a process where one has to prove that the product they are selling, manufacturing or distributing is a registered trademark that they own or have permission by the brand owner to sell, manufacture or distribute it. As you can tell, this a process that requires a lot of documentation, but the payoff is worth it.

How Do I Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry?

Signing up for Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 is a three-step process. First, you need to check if you are eligible. Secondly, you have to register for the Brand Registry Amazon. Finally, you have to enroll your brand.

Pros of Amazon Brand Registry

By becoming a member of the Amazon Brand Registry program, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • More Control of Brand Representation : You get to decide how your brand is represented on Amazon. As long as there is a product listing with your brand on it, it will have to abide by your rules. This will make sure that every information that is contained within the product listing is accurate.
  • Stop Hijackers in their Tracks : With the advanced search features that the program provides brand owners, they can easily identify counterfeiters. Then, through Brand Registry on Amazon, the brand owners can use the reporting tools to report the offender to Amazon, who will then investigate and protect their brand if the claims check out.
  • Can Decide Who Can Sell Your Products : Brand Registry is not just about brand representation and stopping hijackers, you can also decide who can list your product. If you don’t want someone to list your product, you have the permission to deny them that privilege. This is helpful if you, as the brand owner, want to corner the market.
  • Can Reinforce Brand Identity : Since customers will be seeing consistent messaging across all product pages, your brand’s identity will be reinforced. This ensures brand stickiness and loyalty, which can translate to more sales.

Cons of Amazon Brand Registry

Brand Registry Amazon does come with its own set of drawbacks that you need to be aware of before you become a member. Here are the biggest ones.

  • Too Many Hoops to Jump Through : As already mentioned, registering for the program needs a lot of documents to be provided. It is not just a matter of providing the trademark registration number. Amazon wants to be thorough. So to prove that you are a brand owner, you will have to jump through a lot of hoops, from making sure that your company has a website and packaging with a clearly visible company name and logo to providing identification information for the product (model number, catalog number, etc)
  • Amazon Can Shifts its Policies : Another thing is that Amazon can radically change their policies that it can require that all brand owners register again. This has happened before, and it means you’ll have to go through the hoops all over again.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Brand Registry is the best way for brand owners to protect their brand on Amazon. While the process of joining is long and tiresome, one cannot deny the benefits of having more control over their brand. Ultimately, through Amazon Brand Registry, brand owners stand to make more profits.